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How to increase traffic to tourism websites?

Driving traffic to the website is no longer a simple and straightforward task unless you have an optimized site with good content. When you have a consistent stream of traffic heading to your website, it's plain good for your tourism and activity company.  If you want visitors to your site, you need to stand out. Then make a statement and give the promise to visitors to satisfy their every need.

With this in mind, here are some organic traffic methods to get traffic to the tourism website:

Write clear and good content
Content is the king. As long as you create insatiable content on your website, you'll keep the visitors coming back for more again. Similarly, the better your content is, the more engaged your visitors will be. These visitors will share your content for you, helping to promote your site.

Implement good SEO

·         Keywords Research & Planning
When people want to travel to new places, the first they do is Google the requirements they need. This pays to invest in keywords and draft content around those keywords. This increases your website ranking and garners those much-needed web clicks.

If you fluff the content with keywords and useless information, then Google is all set to punish you. The punishment could be severe and sometime may get your website blacklisted. So you must choose your keywords wisely.

·         SEO Copywriting & Content Optimization
There are millions of tourism sites; every tourism destination is being covered by almost all the travel companies. In these cases, the destination details and packages may bound to overlap. It is imperative for travel agencies to invest in good copywriters to create engaging content. Copied content may hit the Google ranking of the site and may prove disastrous to your site. Therefore, you have to very careful while writing your content on site.

Visualize Content That Enhances User Experience

Make your website user-friendly that catches the user's eyes. Boost the visitor's experience by making use of proper engaging videos, images, and diagrams. Infographics help to get wonderful attention to the site. This not only appeals and entertains the visitors. But also helps to reduce the bounce rate. This makes some extra points from Google.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Once you are able to bring visitors to your site, you follow them and bring back to your site. This can be done using travel blogs, stories, quality content and real experiences on other sites and get them back to your site through links. This is one of the best strategies for content marketing.

A travel blog could in fact serve as the wonderful way to implement the SEO strategies.

Social Media Marketing

As a travel agency, you can trigger the process with Facebook. Facebook is comparatively easy when it comes to generating new fans.

  • Work by building a like-minded community of travelers on Twitter.
  • Instagram is another great platform for the travel industry. The location tag and hash tag feature available on the platform could help you in connecting emotionally with people.
  • Pinterest is another great platform is this regard. Create pin boards of content that seems engaging to you. You can further link that to Facebook and Twitter for enhancing visibility.
  • Social media is the best place to attract visitors to your site.

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Digital Marketing for Nepal Tourism Year 2020

Nepal Tourism Year 2020 is Nepal’s commitment to improving its competitiveness through investment, infrastructure development, new product offerings, environment and wildlife conservation. And greater efficiencies and excellence in-service standards with the objective of developing the tourism industry. The government declared 2020 as the Nepal Tourism Year 2020 with a target to achieve two million arrivals and daily spend over $75. Visit Nepal 2020 is positioned as a Lifetime Experience to make Nepal as one of the world’s most unique experiential and lifetime value destination.
Visit Nepal 2020 Lifetime Experience

To impact digital marketing for ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ we can implement the following digital marketing strategy:

According to Nepal Tourism Board, In 2018, Nepal received 1,173,072 international tourists excluding overland travelers. The top arrivals were from India, China, Sri Lanka, USA, and the UK. The average length of stay is 12.6 days and per day expenditure amounts to $54. In 2018, the share of FDI in tourism was 11.47% at Rs 23,855.50 million. Similarly, In 2020, the concept of Digital marketing can help to achieve the target and make Tourism Year 2020 successful.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media is a very effective digital marketing tool. It allows you to get to know customers and visitors and prospects in ways that were previously not possible. The information related to tourism like trekking and travel guide, culture, geographical places, hotels, transportation, etc. can be represented in these platforms to make easy to tourists. The most relevant social media platforms for a tourism business include the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , LinkedIn, YouTube.

SEO and Quality Website
Private trekking agencies, hotels and government as well must have attractive websites to attract tourists (visitors) and keep them there and make them come back frequently to the websites. Search engine optimization can help to bring more visitors.

Content and E-mail Marketing
Email Marketing enables users to know about the latest offers by the trekking agencies, hotels, special deals on holiday packages, membership clubs, room availability and so much more. The content submitted to different sites must be real information. If visitors get fake information then they will never see these sites again.

Mobile Friendly
Different websites, apps, updates on social media, emails and other aspects of digital marketing must be mobile-friendly.

In conclusion, Digital Marketing today is all about using internet technologies to reach out to existing and newer visitors and engage with them. For any business to be successful digitally in the tourism industry, the above mentioned digital strategy play a very crucial role. Therefore, these digital marketing strategies help to make successful Nepal Tourism Year 2020.