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Google Search Algorithm Update Yesterday

It looks like there is an algorithm update taking place at Google search now - it is hard to say if it is Panda, Penguin or something unrelated - right now, it doesn't seem like Penguin but it might be Panda related. Google has not confirmed if there was an update yet but it does seem like something major touched down in the Google search results yesterday.
We have a lot of discussion and chatter around it atWebmasterWorld and all but one of the automated tracking tools showed significant changes.
Here are the automated tools charts for yesterday (click on them to go to their sites):
First reports of this change happened around yesterday morning where Pete Hall said, "Something happened in the UK overnight. Not really sure what to make of it - some verticals shifted quotes bit and others remain unchanged."
But then as the day went on and as people checked their analytics for the day's results, other webmasters started to notice:
Also seen fairly large movements here, seeing lots of huge names back which were knocked down a few months back.
Yes, I see some dance, not to much but noticeable, for me seems to be Panda related.
Even WebmasterWorld's moderator said:
Yes, there's some re-alignment going on, and i'm not sure it's finished just yet. Several SERPs showing wikipedia no longer the top, or near the top. Some may argue that's a good thing, but when it's a commercial site above it, it makes you think it's not yet settled.
Have you noticed changes? Do you think it is Panda related?
For the past updates, see our Google updates category.
Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.
Update: Google's statement didn't tell us much:
Thanks for checking in -- as usual, we're continuing to make tweaks, but we don't have a specific "update" to announce.
Update #2: Google tells me this was not Panda or Penguin related.

Professional SEO training start from 12th April

SEO is an essential part of your company’s Internet marketing campaign. If your website is not on Page 1 of Google for your keywords, forget trying to sell more products online. SEO Training Nepal is a sure fire way to give your staff the knowledge they need to successfully manage the SEO strategies that will push your website all the way to the number 1 spot on Google. At SEO Junkies we train your staff in the SEO techniques that are proven to work and generate qualified traffic that will have a positive effect on growing your sales.

Training by an active and experienced SEO Expert

The Training you receive is not just theoretical. Our instructors are all active SEO consultants who use the techniques we teach daily and with great success for our clients. Our involvement in the online industry also means that as new SEO tactics are developed, we will be on the front line of implementation, so you can be sure that the SEO Training your staff receives from us is bang up to date and full of good SEO techniques.

SEO is very demanding for getting job or promoting your website in target market.
SEO Training Schedule / Session Plan
Session 1: Introduction to SEO Concepts & Industry

Session 2: Identifying Keyword Opportunities & Research

Session 3: Mastering On-Page SEO & PageRank

Session 4: Link Building Strategies & Other off page Activities

Session 5: Mapping Search Engine and Social Media

Session 6: Google Analytics – Top 10 things in Google analytics

Session 7: SEO Improvement & Retention Practices

Session 8: Additional Information and Resources

Session 9: Working with On Page Factors

Session 10: Working with Off Page assignments

Session 11: Monetization techniques (AdSense, affiliate marketing etc)

Session 12: Learn how to get more attractive listings in Google.

Session 13: Tracking SEO success and measuring ROI

Session 14:Tools of the Trade

Session 15: Workshop

Further Training Details
Training Course :Professional Web Promotion and SEO Training
Duration:20 Days
Time:8AM - 10AM and 4PM - 6PM
Commencing:April 12th, 2015,  Sunday (Chitra 29th 2071)
Venue:Web Creation Training Hall, Bagbazar (Near Old Buspark, Kathmandu
Resource Person:Trainer/s having long years of training experience and who can meet the objective and transform the participants with all relevant methodology.
Number of participants:Up to 6 per session.
Investment:NRs. 8,000 per participants
Phone:01 - 4243968, 4246249
Website:www.seotrainingnepal.com,   www.webcreationnepal.com
We are wait for your response to initiate our mutual rewarding relationship.
Note: Interested participants are supposed to confirm their registration along with the payment at their earliest owing to limited seats.

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Is your website creating the right impact?

Clear, impressive content gives your website a voice worthy of a great audience. A voice that captures attention & creates customer loyalty! But for many, creating professional & powerful website content is a challenging task. Your business rocks - but outlining it in hundreds of words and phrases usually takes sweat & tears and most businesses prefer to pertain to their core business functions.

Content Writing Services - What we can do for you?

  • Web Content Writing – newsletters, web content writing etc.
  • Marketing Materials – content for brochures, flyers, adverts etc.
  • SEO Content Writing – SEO-friendly content for press releases, articles etc.
  • Technical Content Writing – producing training manuals for your products
  • Blog Writing – writing blog posts & managing blogs etc.


Web design is as much a science as it is an art form. While half of the job is based on sound coding and design know-how, the other half is based on just having an intuitive sense of what looks good and what doesn’t. Any web designer worth his salt will develop a strong core of fundamentals to make himself stand out from the rest of the pack.
Website Development company in Nepal - Web Creation Nepal. www.webcreationnepal.com
So how do you develop these fundamentals? They won’t just appear overnight. Sure, there is no substitute for experience, but a strong education — whether formal or not — also helps tremendously. It’s also highly advisable to keep challenging yourself and push beyond the limits of your comfort zone. That will mean the difference between struggling to find and keep clients and actually having clients come find you.
Here are the absolute fundamentals that all good web designers should possess if they want to reach sublime levels. They don’t all involve technical, computer know-how.


Note how I said “entire”? Web design can also overlap with graphic design, which makes these schools of design very close. That’s why it’s a smart idea for any web designer with pride in his work to also learn at least the very basics of the design process in general. This includes the following principles:


Color is at the heart of web design because it helps to establish the theme and motif of any effective design. In addition, it also works on the psychological, where colors influence how a site visitor views his user experience.


Flow is a reference to a site visitor’s visual movement as he experiences the website. Flow includes the proper use of depth, color, hierarchy, shapes and lines. Flow tools include perspective, spacing and facial direction.

Balance and proportion

This means visual stability and equilibrium. It’s possible to get proportion in two ways: symmetrically and asymmetrically. Proportion’s normally used to signify important elements, thereby bettering the flow of information.


Spacing is pretty much straightforward. It relates to the distance from one element to the other. All websites with a great user experience are well-spaced. Generally, the space ought to be generous enough for the elements to breathe while still being narrow enough to ensure good readability. It’s a balancing act.


Knowing HTML comes down to coding. Some designers seem to think that it’s okay not to know how to code while others are adamant that knowing how to code is a necessity of being a legitimate web designer. At a bare minimum, a well-rounded designer should know the basics of HTML. At the very least!
Since HTML is the basic framework of all pages on the Web, a designer should be knowledgeable about it. As a result, a designer will be able to design with more purpose and attention to usability than ever before. If you know basic code, you can create demo sites that you’ve designed, you’re in a better position to sell your services than other designers who don’t know coding, and you’ll have a better grasp of the scope and limits of your design abilities.


As a web designer, you’ll be asked to do more than design; you’ll sometimes also be asked to create site copy. This is especially true if you don’t work with any copywriters. Think of it this way: A designer who also has mad copywriting skills is that much more attractive to clients and can charge more.
Don’t think that knowing how to write effective copy is just something you can use when you’re designing clients’ sites. Knowing how to write effective copy is an unbeatable asset when it comes to marketing your services as a designer in the first place. Just think of how much more effective your marketing emails will be when you learn how to craft stellar copy.


The phrase “There’s always better” is what you should live by as a web designer. You can always learn new things that will impress your clients, expand your creativity and skills and generally improve your passion for design.
One big reason to always be open to learning more is the fact that new trends are always emerging in web design. Just think of the stuff that’s been talked about in the last few years: parallax scrolling, then flat design and now, Material Design. In design, learning is ongoing. You never stop learning, so you can always be on top of the latest trends, which just makes you nicely well-rounded as a designer.


A lot of web designers work freelance at one point or another in their careers, so it only stands to reason that you should develop those all-important business skills. You are your own business, and the highly prized service you are selling is your web-design talent. Without business skills, you’ll be floundering in the all-important areas of marketing yourself, finding clients, maintaining clients and doing all this productively.
If you know how to run a business, you’ll be able to make decisions related to taking on clients and projects with much more certainty than ever. You’ll also learn about the multi-tasking skills it takes to juggle being a creative designer with the practical talent it takes to make money and keep making more of it as you grow in your career.


Since you work with clients based on what they tell you they want for their website needs, it only stands to reason that you have to become a master listener. Being able to listen well is a life skill that you can use across so many different areas, so why not master it as a web designer?
You’ll never be a successful designer — in the business sense — if you either fail to listen to your clients, or refuse to listen to them. Your clients will always be asking or telling you to tweak and change designs, sometimes midway through. Instead of getting frustrated and coming across as unprofessional — which will hurt your business — learn to listen to what they want, consider it and then offer your own input and suggestions. If what the client wants is very doable, then all the better. Simply implement it and show how attentive you are to your client’s needs.


In any trade, reaching the heights of your profession is what you should be aiming for. It will not come overnight or even in a year or two, but you’ll eventually get there with constant determination and self-improvement. If you’re highly passionate about your craft, you’ll automatically drift to this state of being anyway, but you can do things to speed up this process.
Essentially, it’s all about a web designer becoming well-rounded and consummate. The more you work on things that go beyond merely just design, the more you become a much, much better web designer. And that’s when you start to penetrate through to master status.

95 Web Promotion Tips and Tricks for Powerful Search Engine Optimization

Google says on the record, “Don’t write for Search Engines, Write for your readers/audience/users.” While this may sound ridiculous, there are plenty of reasons to follow the advice. More often, newbie falls in the trap and often gets confused where to start from. Don’t sound to be too harsh, but do not always listen to almighty Google.

We (bloggers & web entrepreneurs) are mere small creatures and we must write for our readers/users while keeping search engine behavior at the corner of our brain! Producing great content that reader’s love is something not everyone’s cup of team. So how would you start your venture as an expert ? What are the best SEO practices that you should follow? Without further ado, let me present you top 20 SEO Tips.

Keyword Analysis inclusive of Competition Analysis

1. Determine Strategy for Keywords
2. List The Potential Keywords
3. Check Competition of Keyword

On Page SEO Tips
5. Title
6. Meta Tags & Description
7. URL and/or Permalinks
8. First Paragraph
9. Content Length
10. Content Quality
11. Keyword Density
12. Image Optimization

13. Sitemap Submission
14. HTML Sitemap

15. Avoid DHTML and Excessive HTML
16. Avoid Major Content in PDF or Flash
17. Robots.txt

Off Page Optimization
18. Use Social Media Effectively
19. Generate Quality Backlinks

20. Use Google Analytics
21. Keyword tracking

SEO Training in Bagbazar, Web Creation Hall, Kathmandu Nepal - Join us

SEO Course Syllabus:
Introduction to SEO:
What is Search engine optimization?
History of Search engines?
How is SEO important in digital marketing?
How is search engine important for companies?
How can search engine impact the brand and sales of a company?
How does search engine algorithm work?
Components of search engine?
Different types of search engine?
Operators used in search engine
Algorithms used in SEO
Updates of SEO

Google Webmasters Tools
Adding a Site and Verification Process
Geographic Settings
URL Parameters
Site Links
Crawl Errors / Stats
Google Fetch
Blocking the Crawler and blocked pages
Search Queries
Links to Site / Internal Links
Remove URLS from index
HTML Suggestions
Content Keywords

Research and Analysis Of Keywords:
Importance of keywords in seo
What are keywords?
Analysis of keywords of a particular company
Research on keywords
Different types of keywords
Analysis of keywords using google ad words
Competitor analysis
Fitting right keywords to the project

On Page Optimization
How is on page optimization important in seo
Web layout structure
Codes used in website
Design factors and guidelines
Differences between dynamic and static sites?
Domain name optimization
File name and folder name optimization
Title tag optimization
Meta tags optimization
How to write meta description
Meta robots
Header optimization
Footer optimization
Anchor link optimization
Content writing for seo
Site maps submission
Image optimization
URL optimization
Dynamic site optimization techniques:
WordPress SEO
Black hat SEO techniques.

Off page Optimization
Introduction to off page optimization
Factors affecting offsite optimization
Importance of offsite optimization
Current scenario of search engine optimization
On page optimization versus off page optimization
How to build links?
Type of linking methods
Link checking tools
Directory submissions
Social book marking
Posting classifieds
Importance of integration of blog to gain SEO
Local listing
Forum signatures
Article submissions
Importance of social buttons and social media
Press release submission

SEO Reporting:
Website position analysis
Monthly reports
Cyclic SEO

Web Designing Offers => Rs. 9,999/-

  • Fully Customized design layout
  • Up to 9 Static html Inner pages
  • Up to 5 Stock images included ( Additional Images cost Rs. 100 per image )
  • Approx Page length equals to A4 Size
  • Logo to be provided by client
  • Homepage Banner Animation Slide Show
  • Contact Form - Details sent to email
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee Optimized graphics
  • Uploading the website to your URL ( Domain )
  • Search engine friendly design
  • Link to Social networking Websites like facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc.
  • Responsive Mobile Version ? (Optimized to work on smart phones & tablets)
  • Additional page at Rs. 1000 per page
  • FREE technical Support for 3 Months 

Advanced Professional SEO Training

SEO Training Nepal. Search Engine Optimization Training & Certificate Courses 

Who should attend this SEO Training Course ?
Online marketers, In-house SEO’s, web marketing agencies, consultants who are looking for ways to enhance and improve website visibility in the natural search engine listings.

  • Online Marketers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Web Developers
  • Product Managers and Brand Managers
  • IT Programmer
  • Students
  • Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
  • Copywriters and Content Writers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • PR Professionals

You do NOT need a technical background or be a web designer/programmer to benefit from this SEO course

How will you benefit from this SEO Course ?

This specialized SEO skill, leadership orientation and competencies gained from SEO Training Nepal will give you a definitive edge in the competitive marketplace. Upon completion, you will have the ability to think and function like an online marketer in the workplace. Welcome to the world of fun, challenging, fulfilling and fast track SEO career growth path.

What will you learn in this SEO Training Course ?
We will help you create a blog and practice the SEO best practices from the beginning. Will teach you how to optimize your Images, Social Media Properties, Videos, Local and more. Search Engine Optimization SEO best practice and hands on training in

  1. Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization
  2. SEO Best Practices and Guidelines
  3. How search engines work
  4. Types of Search Engines
  5. How Website works
  6. Google Webmaster Guidelines
  7. Search engine guidelines
  8. Case study of white hat SEO
  9. Case study of black hat SEO (help you learn from mistakes and why you should not follow black hat SEO practices)
  10. Current SEO scenario
  11. SEO project management
  12. On page/off page SEO
  13. Impact of social media in search engine rankings
  14. Keyword research
  15. SEO design and architecture
  16. SEO copy writing
  17. Link/Relationship building
  18. Universal SEO
  19. Local SEO
  20. Mobile SEO
  21. SEO Tools and techniques
  22. Latest SEO Algorithm changes and updates
  23. Google Panda Updates
  24. Google Penguin Updates 
  25. Search Engine optimisation FAQ’s

Training Course           : Advanced Professional SEO Training
Duration                       : 20 Days
Commencing                : February 8th, 2015, Sunday (Magh 25th, 2071)
Time                             : 8AM to 10AM 
Number of participants : Up to 6 per session
Investment                    : NRs. 8,000 per participants (It includes the cost of a certificate)
Phone                           : 01 - 4243968, 4246249, 9851029233

Dashain & Tihar website development Offer