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Handle SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Campaign for a website for 10-15 keywords

We will handle SEO & SMO Campaign for a website for 10-15 keywords.

Below are the activities we will cover in SEO services.

10 Keywords Optimization
• Initial Review & Analysis
• Website Analysis
• Content Duplicacy Check
• Initial Backlinks analysis
• Google Penalty Check
• Competition Analysis
• Keyword Research

On Page Optimization
• Title Tags Optimization
• META Tags Optimization
• Content Optimization
• Page Speed Optimization
• HTML Code Optimization
• Internal Linking Optimization
• Heading Tags Optimization
• Canonicalization/301 Redirect
• WebPage Load Optimization
• Schema Markup Implementation
• Images Optimization
• Hyperlink Optimization
• Robots.txt Creation/Optimization
• Sitemap Creation
• Google Webmaster Tools Setup
• Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
• Google Analytics Setup & Integration

Off-page optimisation
• Content Marketing & Link Building
• Search Engine Submissions
• 4 Blogs Writing
• 8 Blog Posting Links
• 10 Blogs Social Bookmarking Links
• 1 Press Release Writing
• 10 Press Release Links
• 2 Guest Blogging Links
• Local Optimization
• Google Business Page Creation
• Bing Local Listing Creation
• Pages Updation & Schema Integration
• Classified Submissions
• Social Media Marketing
• 20 Social Bookmarking
• Twitter Account Setup
• Google+ Account Setup
• 3 Unique Social Media Posting
• Video Marketing
• Youtube Account Setup
• Vimeo Account Setup
• Dailymotion Account Setup

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