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E-Commerce Development in Nepal

Payment Gateway in Nepal
Most people who work their business on line nowadays realize the importance of having a reliable and sustainable means in regard to the financing and payment aspects of their business transactions. Web Creation Nepal in keeping with our desire to be one of the most up to date, professional and creative design companies on the web is becoming recognized as the place to go when searching for a leading provider of e-commerce solutions. Our dedicated team can provide you with a range of very attractive and fully featured E-commerce solutions for your business. Payment Gateway in Nepal

We provide ecommerce services in two domains which are:

  1. Custom E-commerce web development.
  2. Open Source E-commerce Web Integration such as OS-comme3rce, Magento, Zencart, Cubecart, opencart etc.
Genuine Software provide you full featured E-commerce solutions in PHP and MYSQL, enabling you to maintain a full featured and fully dynamic store to maintain your global presence.

We provide an array of ecommerce features such as:
  • Responsive Web layout Design for eCommerce
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • E-commerce Friendly and Secure Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Search engines adoptable development application
  • Shopping Cart Features and Advantages
  • Database Storage- Product Catalogs (Storage and Management)
  • Advance customers friendly Product Search
  • Product Alerts based Customer Interest and choice
  • Promotional, Discount, Offer, Festival Featuring
  • Online Payment Gateway Integration and Processing
  • Credit Card Validation, 2 checkout verification
  • Price Conversion based on Currency
  • Statistical and Graphical Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly Reports
  • Easy Tax Management and Reporting
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Online Newsletter and Mailing Lists Management
  • Auto Shipping Calculation and Easy Shipping Management
  • Traffic (Visitors) Stat Log Analysis
  • Online Membership Management
  • Adaptive Payment System
  • Product Ratings and Reviews

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