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No. 1 SEO Training Course Start from 22 Dec 2013

Web Promotion [SEO] Training
[ Search Engine Optimization ]
This is the Right Course for your
Business Development and Online Promotion
You will improve your business efficiency just in 10 Days here
Just manage the time and attend the course;
You will realize it the very first day

Why you should attend this course?
This course covers a broad range of topics that helps in making your product in the field of SEO. Students will be given online tests and gain hands-on experience in the area of Seo and internet marketing.
SEO Training Schedule / Session Plan
Session 1: Introduction to SEO Concepts & Industry

Session 2: Identifying Keyword Opportunities & Research

Session 3: Mastering On-Page SEO & PageRank

Session 4: Link Building Strategies & Other off page Activities

Session 5: Mapping Search Engine and Social Media

Session 6: SEO Improvement & Retention Practices

Session 7: Additional Information and Resources

Session 8: Working with On Page Factors

Session 9: Working with Off Page assignments

Session 10: Tracking SEO success and measuring ROI
Further Training Details
Training Course :Professional Web Promotion and SEO Training
Duration:10 Days
Time:4PM - 5PM
Commencing:Dec 22th, 2013, Sunday (Poush 07th 2070)
Venue:Web Creation Training Hall, Bagbazar (Near Old Buspark, Kathmandu
Resource Person:Trainer/s having long years of training experience and who can meet the objective and transform the participants with all relevant methodology.
Number of participants:Up to 6 per session.
Investment:NRs. 4,000 per participants
Phone:01 - 4243968, 4246249, 9851029233
We are wait for your response to initiate our mutual rewarding relationship.
Note: Interested participants are supposed to confirm their registration along with the payment at their earliest owing to limited seats.

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