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Top 10 Benefits of Developing Mobile Apps in Nepal

You are doing business in this digitalized age. Is your business small, medium or large? No matter!

 Grab the outstanding benefits of mobile applications – customize your business, stay competitive and boost productivity. Smartphones install applications. And, mobile apps are the game changer of your business. Right?

Let Web Creation Nepal share TOP 10 REWARDS of mobile app development for your business.

1. Quite Common & Necessary

These days, mobile apps are a part of human daily activities and lives. A single application can serve various needs of your customers – shopping, entertainment, paying, selling-buying, watching the news and many more.

According to Data Reportal (2022), the number of mobile connections in Nepal increased to 38.61 mobile connections. According to Ncell, the smartphone penetration in their network was 52% in 2018 which got increased to 68% by the year 2022 (Nepal Telecom). This shows that more than two-thirds of mobile users in Nepal have smartphones with applications installed.

Grab them for your business!

2. Easy BUT Strong Branding

Mobile apps provide more value to your customers – meet interests, fulfill needs and satisfy them to the fullest. In return, you can create unshakable trust among your visitors and clients, and promote the brand strongly. Mobile apps aid promotion, and offer support plus branding.

Catch your potential customers – flocking to their cellphones.

3. Fast and Easy Operation

For users, mobile apps are fast and easy. Your possible customers install your apps on their devices and purchase your products or services in a single click. If you want to pay your bill, just some clicks can solve your problems; for example, Khalti.com. Fast and easy for both – buyers and sellers.

4. Better Connection with Customers

Mobile apps create a great platform for you to unlock the power of better connection with your customers. Increase your businesses beyond personal and face-to-face communication with your clients. Move to the next level; take full advantage of a mobile app giving your customers a better point of contact.

5. Multiply your Sales & Profit

Via mobile apps, you can be connected with a high number of potential customers. Showcase your brands, products, and services.  Multiply your business gains with the power of high performance. We all know, in Nepal, some businesses have skyrocketed their sales. Behind this grand success, a single mobile app is there (i.e. Hamro Patro, Daraz, Pathao, etc.). 

6. Rise above the Competition

In the present scenario, all businesses do not have mobile applications, especially, small businesses. By developing an attractive mobile app, you can beat the market and lead your business.

7. Kick Start your Business

Creating a mobile app for a new business can give you a big initial push. This is the perfect way of direct marketing in this digital age. You have the possibility of being known in a short time – meeting people’s needs, and interests and solving problems.

8. Cost-effective

True, developing a mobile app costs you some amount. BUT? Compare the cost of a mobile app with the amount spent on internal office management, marketing and customer counseling, the returns of mobile apps are out of your imagination. Mobile Apps can boost employee efficiency; improve communication, cut down busy time and streamline data. It’s cost-saving, time-saving and boosting efficiency.

9. Improve Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps offer you a high customer retention rate. This is a major component for all sorts of businesses – small, medium and large businesses. Open your smartphone. Yes, you have some mobile apps which you installed months or years back. You will continue them.

10. Secured & More Control

Having a branded mobile app for your business, you can have more control over it. You can modify and control your business easily – branding, security, scalability, stability, and customer engagement.

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