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Why Digital Marketing wins over Traditional Marketing?

In this blog, we’ll discuss about why digital marketing wins over traditional marketing. It might be difficult for many companies to choose between digital and traditional marketing. So, it ultimately comes down to which one fits the needs of your company.

Of course, traditional marketing doesn’t mean it’s old fashioned. Traditional marketing still plays an important role in people’s lives with the ever growing need to step out of the digital world.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is any form of marketing that uses offline medium to reach users. Traditional marketing was the only one medium of marketing before the internet emerged in the 1990s. Some common traditional marketing methods includes-

  • Print (Magazines, Newspapers, Pamplates)
  • Broadcasting (TV, Radio)
  • Outdoor (Billboards, Posters, etc)
  • Window display and signs
  • Telemarketing (Phone, text message)
  • Direct Mail (Catalogues)

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Easy to access the local audience

Traditional marketing is a great technique for connecting with local audience. It will help you to reach the local audience without any difficulty.

Getting hard copies.

The hard copy marketing leaves much better and longer impression on the mind of target audience. The targeted audience can be provided with the hard copies of advertisement like pamphlets, brochure, business card, flyers and magazine ads as they can be displayed and distributed any time.

Easy to understand

It is familiar with most of the people. People are very much used to this kind of marketing technique.

Drawback of Traditional marketing


The traditional marketing methods are expensive. For example the expense of printing brochures, flyers and magazine may involves higher cost.

Less information communicated

The message you can deliver with traditional advertising is much more limited compared to newer forms of communication.

What is Digital Marketing?

 Digital marketing is the marketing/promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the   internet and other digital forms of communication. Some popular digital marketing methods include-
  • Websites
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc)
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engines Ads
Internet users now make up 58% of the world’s population.  If you look at the past decade, you’ll see that online marketing has grown pretty much exponentially in the market. We now understand the power that internet platforms have.

Cost effective

The investment in digital marketing is much more lower than the traditional marketing method. You can get started with small investment in digital marketing tools at the most. 

A well prepared and maintained digital marketing campaign can reach a huge audience compared to traditional marketing method in most lower cost.

More Time-Efficient

While traditional marketing methods takes a lot of time to prepare and execute digital ones don’t! 

Launching any digital/online marketing campaign is much quicker than that of traditional marketing methods. A single seasoned digital marketer can handle numerous campaigns simultaneously, saving valuable time and resources.

Because digital marketing is more time efficient, it is an excellent way to start up your business to get their brand off the ground. In fact, a single marketer is enough to fulfill the needs of marketing.

Real time analytics

The main Goal of recommending Digital marketing is that it can evaluate the real situation with google analytics. 

Compared to traditional marketing, where you may have to wait for a months or weeks to evaluate the result of campaign, but a digital campaign let you know almost immediately about how your social media campaign is performing.

It helps to analyze the website traffic, Google AdWords, bounce rate, conversion rate, profit and the trend of the interested audience.

Connect with mobile customers

Nowadays, most of the audience uses their phone to check for online shopping experience. It’s an fabulous advantage for the business owners to focus on digital marketing. A website with responsive design will attract more audience.


There are many more amazing advantages of digital marketing. The next level of digital marketing seems bright as the world get digitalized. Though business owner were dependent to traditional marketing strategy for long period of time now realizing the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing in terms of its high audience rate and a higher rate of ROI, they have relied on more focus to developments and trends on digital marketing.

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