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95 Web Promotion Tips and Tricks for Powerful Search Engine Optimization

Google says on the record, “Don’t write for Search Engines, Write for your readers/audience/users.” While this may sound ridiculous, there are plenty of reasons to follow the advice. More often, newbie falls in the trap and often gets confused where to start from. Don’t sound to be too harsh, but do not always listen to almighty Google.

We (bloggers & web entrepreneurs) are mere small creatures and we must write for our readers/users while keeping search engine behavior at the corner of our brain! Producing great content that reader’s love is something not everyone’s cup of team. So how would you start your venture as an expert ? What are the best SEO practices that you should follow? Without further ado, let me present you top 20 SEO Tips.

Keyword Analysis inclusive of Competition Analysis

1. Determine Strategy for Keywords
2. List The Potential Keywords
3. Check Competition of Keyword

On Page SEO Tips
5. Title
6. Meta Tags & Description
7. URL and/or Permalinks
8. First Paragraph
9. Content Length
10. Content Quality
11. Keyword Density
12. Image Optimization

13. Sitemap Submission
14. HTML Sitemap

15. Avoid DHTML and Excessive HTML
16. Avoid Major Content in PDF or Flash
17. Robots.txt

Off Page Optimization
18. Use Social Media Effectively
19. Generate Quality Backlinks

20. Use Google Analytics
21. Keyword tracking


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