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Top 5 Tips for Designing a Pro Website

Web designing is often compared with fashion that keeps changing according to time. The new trending fashion today can be old tomorrow; therefore, while designing a website also you should keep updated with latest trends. Don’t you like to have your website that sells and look elegant with latest trends incorporated? Of course you do right? Then let’s discuss on top 5 tips for designing pro websites which are as follows:

  1. Keep it simple, don’t try too much
Everything is getting quite messed up these days. Actually the whole world is getting messed up and the web design is no different. The top tip is to make your things clean and clear in your website. I mean to say don’t experiment with everything like pop ups, icons, unwanted plugins and others. Try to keep your content simple and clearly understandable by visitor.
  1. Do not copy but get inspired from others
Most probably there are already thousands of websites similar to one that you are going to design. Do research on those designs, if you like something, like a menu style, slider or any feature, then you can always learn to create those to use in yours. But remember do not create the replica, but you can always inspire from other’s work. Remember that inspiration is the key to creativity.
  1. Have a plan and prepare clear prototype
If you have no plan then you are going nowhere. Before exiting from office at 5 you know that you are going home because you have a plan of going home after office. In the same way, before designing any website you should know where you are heading towards to achieve your specific goals. Create a clear prototype of your website, discuss with clients, your team and perform your designing work in a hierarchical way.
  1. Create a perfect balance in between effectiveness and impressiveness
Well texts, images, videos and other media types are supposed to make your website beautiful as well as well informative. Your texts must be eye friendly, optimized images at correct spot and videos where necessary. If you just go for great looks, you might miss the visitor’s attention and if you just go for attention, it might not look great. Therefore balance in between for effective as well as impressive results.
  1. Make the most of Responsive Design
You sit in front of desktop for limited time, but probably your mobile sticks with you always. Therefore your website also be beautiful and be effective on mobile devices that you check more often. These days, mobile web traffic is increasing day by day and cross platform responsiveness is must while designing modern websites.