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Trekking and Travel website Development in Nepal

Web Creation Nepal Pvt.Ltd offers development services that empower offline travel agencies, agents and companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel booking website that goes well beyond their expectation and enables them to get online which establishes and incorporate your key competitive advantages into high-quality web design which can Optimize to be competitive in search engines additionally ensures your web presence reflects your brand, image and unique qualities of the experience with superb clients.

In this digital era where a large number of people does booking and shopping on the internet, it is vital to have your own travel website with extensive booking engine. Web Creation Nepal design travel website where you can enjoy quick and easy online implementation and enhance your travel business. No other travel technology solutions provider offers such a wide range of online travel products for Travel Agencies, agents and companies with the most affordable prices in the industry with best fares and good commission.

Features of Services we offer

  • Users Login / Management System
  • User Registration Module
  • B2B and B2C Travel Setup with XML, GDS, etc.
  • Tour holiday Packages
  • Flight XML API Integration (International & Domestic)
  • Hotel XML API Integration (International & Domestic)
  • Bus API Integration
  • Car API Integration
  • Manage Holiday packages
  • Agent Registration
  • Sale Report
  • SMS My Booking
  • Hotel Booking CRM
  • Add Fund / e-Wallets for Travel Agent
  • Markup Management module
  • SMS API Integration
  • Quick View Booking
  • Chat API Integration
  • Discount Coupons for agent / Client
  • Booking Management module
  • Special Offer / Deals
  • Trip Advisor plugin integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Customer Login
  • Agent Login
  • Discount Management module
  • Online edifice Booking
  • White Label Travel Partnerships
  • Foreign Money Exchange
  • Travel website Development with joined pages
  • Administrator Panel Rights with MIS Reports
  • Travel Agency / Agent Management
  • Agent Registration Module
  • Responsive web design
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • Car Booking/rental
  • Mobile Application Development with existing Travel Portal
  • SMS and Email Management gateway Incorporation
  • Integration of Secure Socket Layer and Payment entryway

Web Design in Nepal

What is Website Design?

Everything regarding your website - including the content, the manner it's, and also the way it works - is determined by the web design.

Website design is a method of visualizing, planning, and building a bunch of electronic files that verify the layout, colors, text designs, structure, graphics, images, and use of collective choices that deliver pages to your website visitors helping it to appear online.

When you are ready to build a website, you've got many options. If you're not familiar with HTML programing language and web design applications, there are a number of alternative choices for making your web design:

Hire a professional website design expert to create and build a unique web site.

Create your own website design using ready-made software like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, and these software packages do need technical expertise.

Use online website design tools with pre-set and/or customizable web design templates to customize along with your company colors, graphics, and text. The degree of customization included in your website design can determine the speed and value of getting your site up and running.

How can professional web design facilitate My online Business?

As necessary as having a great domain name, professional web design can facilitate you:

Satisfy customers.
Professional web design meets the requirements of your visitors – telling them quickly what they require to know without unnecessary and confusing design items. Ensuring the navigation in your site style is pure, consistent and simple to understand can help build a positive relationship along with your visitors.

Attract search engines.
Despite how appealing your web site design looks, it will not show up on the search engine results pages if it's not coded in a way that the search engines can browse.

Avoid technical glitches.
It doesn't take a lot to turn a client away. prolonged loading times, broken links and dropped images are simply a few of the web design problems that can be remedied by a  professional web design service.

How will Web Creation Nepal facilitate me with web site Design?

Web Creation Nepal provides customized, professional web design packages that enable you to have a professional web site design worthy of representing your company. you may prefer to work one-on-one with a professional web design expert to design and build your website using the latest site design techniques, or you might take a more hands-on approach and use customizable web site design templates to create the website yourself. Either way, Web Creation Nepal professional web design tools and web hosting packages will facilitate to ensure that your web site design looks great and does exactly.

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Payment gateway Integration in Nepal - Himalayan & Nabil bank payment gateway

Payment gateway integration is a process in eCommerce service, which permits payments for online retailers and e-businesses through online transactions and credit cards. Thus, customers are able to clear payments simply after placing orders online. Web Creation Nepal integrates a payment gateway for eCommerce websites and online portal development.

In this ongoing digital age in the eCommerce world, website owners need to have online shopping carts to assist customers to get their product or services online. This facilitates making payments on-line all over the world is so much widespread. In simple technical terms, it helps to transfer info between an online portal and its front-end processor.

We cater to your unique requirements, keeping the solution in-sync together with your products, end-users and also the target market. we expect our clients to just select their shopping cart solution and the rest is shouldered by our development team. Our professional developers smoothly integrate your chosen shopping cart solution together with your business website and help you earn revenue.

Apart from This Web creation conjointly attends to all types of technical problems associated with this type of integrations. Thus, we guarantee smooth, hassle-free web experience to your targeted web users from the beginning to the top. Our consultants are well familiar with all the major payment gateways and their related APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) including

Same as others, you can create a merchant account to finish the transaction using Nabil Bank which could be the safest & Fastest.

It is also amongst the largest merchant account provider in Nepal permitting the online transaction.

Using this feature, you'll make online transactions creating your own merchant account which helps you to handle your business.

Same as 2CheckOut, you create a merchant account to finish the transaction using Paypal which is the safest, fastest admin easiest way to pay money.

It is a free best payment gateway service provider we provide to the clients who don't have enough funds for the initial setup which is rendered on Paypal lines.

It is amongst the largest merchant account provider permitting you to initiate online transactions through credit and debit cards.

PayU biz accepts online payments with debit cards, credit cards, and net banking which is considered to be a great way to receive payments from customers.

Instamojo could be a smart choice to build payments for your online and offline businesses. Users can share an Instamojo weblink and collect the payments directly.

Web Creation Nepal additionally provides integration solutions related to Nabil Bank and Himalayan Bank. As an outstanding payment gateway integration company in Kathmandu, Nepal, we provide thoroughly customized and fully technical solutions for booming online payment transactions using both credit and debit cards. perfect integration of those gateways with well-tailored eCommerce site apps invariably facilitates the sale terminals at various stores. Security is a major concern that our developers emphasize while developing your bespoke solution. Our comprehensive solutions are based on wide and varied technology platforms together with ASP.net and VB, ASP.net and C#, ASP and PHP and many more. we develop your solution keeping in mind your unique business wants, the target audience, products, and services.

  • Flexible Service
  • Real-Time Payment
  • Secure
  • Cost Effective Solution for Money Transaction
  • Easy Installation
  • Immediate Information Processing
  • Online Payment Receipt
  • Complete Transaction History
Still Have Questions? Contact Web Creation Nepal or call us today at +977-1-4246249 to learn more!