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The Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal

Frankly speaking, the scope of digital marketing is huge not just in Nepal but across the world and it's growing day by day. Digital marketing is a marketing technique to promote products on-line. In simple terms, it's the key to hold an in-demand profession.

Understanding the importance of digital marketing, brands/companies are getting super active to concentrate on digital marketing as promoting and branding business through digital media which is the quickest and reliable mode of promoting to target mass audience. Therefore in today’s era, everybody needs to go digital due to immeasurable reasons.
  • Digital marketing is reasonable as compared to traditional selling.
  • Digital marketing is only the simplest way, you can show your ad anywhere within the world so you've got an opportunity to go worldwide according to their interest and behavior.
  • In digital marketing, you'll be able to easily analyze and track your audience with the help of various tools like Google Analytics.
  • In digital marketing, you'll be able to retarget your potential customers and it's only possible in digital marketing.
  • And if you have a local business, you'll be able to show your ad on a geographical basis.
  • You can conjointly do the local listing for your business, where you can provide a map or call button so customers can easily find out you.
  • With the help of social media sites, you'll be able to build your brand awareness.
  • With the help of digital marketing, you'll be able to create your own website, where you can give information associated with your business.
  • If you wish to sell your products online you'll be able to create an e-commerce store.
And that’s why every organization/Individuals needs to go digital as there's a very smart career in digital marketing. The simple and best way to begin your career in digital marketing is to seek out digital marketing assistance.

Whether you're a beginner looking for digital marketing as a career or someone who isn’t really enjoying his current job and wishes to switch, or even someone who needs to make some cash online. Yes, Digital marketing can very well be an option. And digital marketing scope is huge, as you'd read we've got completely different specializations so you may have different choices to begin your career.

Scope For Digital Marketers in Online Business:

  1. Analytics Manager
  2. CRM Manager
  3. Email Marketing Manager
  4. E-Commerce Manager
  5. Digital Agency Account Director
  6. Social Media Marketer
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SE0 Executive)
  8. Search Engine Marketer (PPC Expert)
  9. Data Analyst
  10. Content Marketer
  11. Become a Professional Blogger
  12. Earn with Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
  13. Start Freelancing Services
  14. Start your own agency
  15. Become a YouTuber
  16. Start your Dropshipping business
Digital Marketing is a practice which no one can escape and avoid. It will be either today or tomorrow we must adapt it. With the growing generation, every business will have to adapt and think about their online existence in the future depending on the nature of business. If you have any queries Our dedicated team can provide you with a range of very attractive and fully featured Digital Marketing Packages and Courses in Nepal.

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We are a team of 20+professionals, who deliver only top quality web solutions.
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How much does a website design & development cost in Nepal?

Well, the cost of Developing or Designing  the site depends entirely on the requirements.

Before requesting a web design quote from any web development company or any web developer, you must first know what type of website you're searching for and what its cost is estimated. To determine the cost of creating websites in Nepal, you first need to think about your needs.

Some CMS websites can price up to Rs. 9,999/- and some up to Rs. 40,000/- If we talk about developing an e-commerce website in Nepal, it can cost you less than Rs. 50,000/- and sometimes higher, Rs. 200,000/-

Factors that determine different types of websites with their features and cost.

1). Do you want a CMS website?

CMS (Content Management System) websites enable you to change the information on your website yourself, without having any technical knowledge. All you need to do is, simply log in the admin panel and manage the content, images, pages, and sections from there. If you need a CMS website for your business, you'll easily get it from Rs.35,000/- onward. depending upon the scope of scope, the quote might increase accordingly. On the opposite hand, static websites don’t enable you to manage the information. each time you need changes on your website, you will need to contact your web designer and pay them for every update. Having a static website might cost you lesser than having a CMS website, however in the long run, it costs you more than a CMS website.

2). Do you want your own web design or template?

When it comes to website design, there is 2 choices to decide on from:

a). Template Design:
Where you should make a choice of designs. this means that your site won't have a specific design. Switching to template design is economical, so many small businesses or startups prefer to use this feature.

b). Custom web design:
As the name suggests, you get a custom design for your site. If you have a budget and you want your site to have a singular design, you'll ask your designer to create an individual design specifically for your business. selecting a custom web design can price you Rs. 9,999/- to Rs. 199,999/- depending on the complexes of the design. In alternative words, if you need a custom web design, CMS website, you'll easily hire a Rs. 20,000/- website development company in Nepal.

3). Do you need responsive web design?

Well, there was no need to mention responsive web design as one of the factors determining the value of web development, since it has currently become a necessity, not an alternative. but in Nepal, there are still tons of web design companies or freelance web designers who don’t offer a responsive website to their customers. don't look for low-cost site developers who don't even provide responsive design. It makes no sense to save lots of money due to the success of your site. ask yourself, ask: Do your target customers use their mobile phones to find and buy the correct products and services? “If your answer is“ yes, ”make sure your site is responsive. Then, with a responsive web design theme, a CMS website can cost you up to Rs. 34,999/-.

4). Do you want a payment gateway?

If you wish a website that enables you to accept online payments, the price will be a bit higher for you. web developers will need to do more to integrate the payment function on your site. Therefore, the cost becomes a bit higher. If you wish a simple CMS website, say that you want to enable payment gateways, like PayPal or WorldPay, so that your customers can make payments online using your website, the cost of such a website is often around Rs. 10,000/-

5). Do you want an e-commerce site?

As we mentioned, the development of an e-commerce website can price you Rs. 59,999/- (if you rent a Nepali web development company). For this price, you will find all the basic, but important e-commerce functions necessary for running an online business. However, if you wish a specific feature, such as individual pricing or a special payment gateway, the cost may be high.

6). Do you need special integration such as an API?

If you want web developers to integrate any APIs with your website, overall costs and effort might increase. eg. If you want to integrate your website with any software that consists of 3 parts, like an accounting or inventory system, the cost of web development can increase by an average of Rs. 29,999/- Therefore, if you need a CMS website and you integrate it with any software through an API, you may have to spend Rs. 59,999/- in the case of an e-commerce website, the entire cost of development might increase to Rs.199,999/- depending on complexity. in the process of integration.

7). Do you need a custom website?

If you need a web portal that enables users to register, log in, create profiles, and find, then the cost of developing such a website in Nepal will exceed Rs. 9,999/- Since the creation of such websites takes months, so the costs of developing such websites are usually higher.

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We are a team of 20+professionals, who deliver only top quality web solutions.
 977-01-4243968, 4246249

Scope of Web Design and Development in Nepal

Web design and development is a process of creation, to present the content on electronic web pages, which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser.  Website design means a lot more than simply placing your company's announcement online. The online appearance on the web has been important for any organization so as they are able to sell products through advertisements, listing and promoting their business worldwide. Web designing and web development is a simultaneous process that goes side by side which requires the best layout, user interface and other visual imagery and as well as must be user-friendly.

Scopes of Web Designing and Development:
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Marketing Analyst
  • Static Sites Generators
  • Design and Layout Analyst

Enterprises are always on the front for efficient techniques to market their services or goods and reach to wider masses of considered clients. Every year, the internet has something different to advance and any companies gain the most of practicing it as their aggressive benefit. Today’s generation is all based on information technology as there has been growth in the use and production of gadgets.

Benefits of having Websites are:
  • Consumers Insights
  • Expanding of Market
  • Advertisement of your business
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Marketing Growth Ideas and Opportunity
  • Improves services
  • Creditability

Android / IOS App Development in Nepal

Android App Development in Nepal 

We develop Android Apps as per the demand of clients. Android application's network and its control are definite as its management is improving people’s experience. Android application's development company that develops a fantastic app is in huge demand. Furthermore, a well-designed application is the most important accessory that a person works with to access information. Our skilled developers build remarkable Android apps by using current design trends plus technologies. They also assist with the marketing and monetization of the apps. We have a skilful team of android app development experts concentrating on Android app configuration and development.

The Android application advancement team performs a lively appearance. One of the most important benefits of the Android program is that it affords a field for modification and it has a global occupancy.

Following features are provided:
•    Enterprise apps
•    Video, live streaming and entertainment apps
•    Android mobile games
•    Android retail and mobile commerce apps
•    Utility and productivity apps
•    Social media and chat apps
•    Education and knowledge apps
•    Travel and tourism apps
•    Health & fitness apps
•    Camera and Photo Editing Apps
•    Android map apps
•    Support and maintenance

IOS App Development in Nepal

iOS has been upgrading rapidly as it has amounts of users expanding day by day. iOS Application is one of the significant factors to increase your company ranking and increase its value in market. Our global team includes fantastic strategists, expert professional designers, creative architects and skilled developers who are able to craft remarkable iPhone Apps. Work with us to upgrade your idea into fascinating iPhone Application.

•    IOS Enterprise apps
•    Video, live streaming and entertainment apps
•    Social media and chat apps
•    Education and knowledge apps
•    Travel and tourism apps
•    Health & fitness apps
•    Camera and Photo Editing Apps
•    Support and maintenance

Hybrid App Development in Nepal

Hybrid applications are designed using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Entrepreneurs are fascinated by use of Hybrid Applications at present as we are developers that meet the requirements of client’s expectations. Developing Hybrid Applications requires highly experienced and trained architects to work with. We have a magnificent team to operate with that can guide and lead your idea to form a fascinating structure of hybrid applications.  We provide you with assistance to work with so that you are able to operate or be familiar with the work easily.

•    Benefits of Working with Hybrid Applications:
•    Enhanced UX/UI
•    Saves Time
•    Easy To Maintain
•    Lesser Cost
•    Offline Support
•    Improved Performanc

Native Application

Native applications are developed through specific programming language like Objective C for iOS or Java for Android. Native mobile apps can provide quick fulfilment and a high degree of authenticity. Help yourself to recognize your ideas and create platforms designing Native Applications with us.  We assure you to support your idea and help you to discover your ideal application. Enjoy the company of our developers who are highly experienced and skilled in this field.

Developing Native Applications has the following benefits:
•    Extended function as per the capability of the device
•    Fast and Responsive Performance
•    Cross-platform accommodations/support
•    Pushes Notification by accessing device features
•    A UI that matches with user experiences as OS
•    Quality support though ratings in application stores

For more query and information contact us on:

Contact Numbers: +977-01-4243968 / +9779851029233 (09.00 - 06.00 Sunday to Friday)
Email: contact@webcreationnepal.com

Tourism Website Development In Nepal

Web Creation Nepal is the centre for you to build a website correlated to Travel and Tourism. Tourism in Nepal is growing rapidly at present.  We always create websites that capture the imagination while proving that you are the ultimate digital destination. We are always studying our clients, audience interests, demographics, and behaviours, in order to anticipate and address them online. Tourism mainly is attracting people to new places and introducing you to new customs and traditions followed thereby. Furthermore, the best Website with great purpose is needed to get more bookings to maximize the acquisition and earnings. We can support you to build an artistic and well-managed website so as to intensify your booking and rankings. A travel site cannot value it’s purpose if you cannot provide great web conception. Moreover, Web designing plays a major role in drawing people's attention and visitors to your website. We are a reliable team of experts involving Engineers, Developers, Designers, SEO experts, Marketing Executives and we work for standards.

We have the following features:
    Users Login / Management System
    Trekking holiday Packages
    Manage Holiday packages
    Email and Text My Booking
    Hotel Booking CRM
    Quick View Booking
    Special Offer / Deals
    Payment Gateway Integration
    White Label Travel Partnerships
    Travel website Development with joined pages
    Administrator Panel Rights with MIS Reports
    Responsive Web Design with colour, content management and proper layout
    Mobile Application Development with existing Travel Portal
    Number of Pages
    Banner Slideshow
    Feedback Form
    Custom Menu
    Site Search / Form with Location Map
    Photo / Video Gallery
    Search Engine Friendly
    Search Engine Submission
    Fixed Departure Trip
    Blog Integration
    Payment Gateway
    Advance Trip Search and Trip Review
    Detail Page Tab and Newsletter
    Domain Registration and Web Hosting
    Tech support

So, if you have any inquiry related to Trekking and Travelling, please be sure to communicate with us for more information and share you’re your requirements today.

Moreover, To know more about our packages and schemes, follow the link given; https://www.webcreationnepal.com/special-offer-packages.html
Furthermore, To view our portfolio, follow the check the link provided; (https://www.webcreationnepal.com/web-design-portfolio-nepal.html)

For more query and information contact us on:
Contact Numbers: +977-01-4243968 / +9779851029233 (09.00 - 06.00 Sunday to Friday)
Email: contact@webcreationnepal.com

SSL Certificate Service in Nepal

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic technology to establish an encrypted connection between the web browser and a web server. When installed it secures and protects the information in transit as it's being sent between a visitor's browser and the website they're visiting. Typically, SSL is used to secure card transactions, data transfer and logins, and many more
Web Creation Nepal provides end-to-end web security solutions which include all types of SSL certificates with additional cutting-edge security products. Protect your website, subdomains, and multiple domains using HTTPS certificates with Web Creation Nepal which aims to make the Internet safer place to browse, communicate, shop, where SSL certificates play a key role in achieving a safer Internet.
  • Secure Encryption
  • Padlock and Site Seal
  • All Browser Compatibility
  • Fast Issuance
  • Better SEO rankings
  • A value price SSL solution
  • Increase trust and transactions
  • SSL certificates in minutes
  • Strongest & Fastest SSL
  • Prove legitimacy